Spiritual Life

St. Gregory the Great School is a faith community every bit as much as it is an academic setting. It is our Roman Catholic faith and practice that gives us our true identity, and our spiritual life must always define us.


The members of our student body attend a class Mass each week and come together as a whole school to liturgically celebrate the beginning of the school year, Thanksgiving, All Saints' Day, Christmas and other important feasts.

Prayer services, confession, Stations of the Cross and recitation of the Rosary also bring our students together in worship.

Each year our second graders enthusiastically prepare to make their First Reconciliation and receive their First Holy Communion in the presence of their families and loved ones. Similarly, our 8th graders look forward with the same eagerness to their Confirmation as adult members of our faith.

While approximately 85% of our student body is Roman Catholic, we open our arms in welcome to those students who embrace other faiths as well. It is in the richness of diversity that we grow in understanding and sensitivity to one another.